Srsly!!!…High Water Alert

How many times have you reached into the back of your closet to find a pair of pants hiding?  Well that happened to me yesterday.  Trying to be proactive I decided to get my clothes out for work the night before.

I ventured into the jungle called my closet, turned on the light and started the hunt.  I am very predictable and always wear black bottoms.  In my hunt for just the right pair I saw a pair way in the back that looked untouched and forgotten.

So of course I reached back and pulled them out.  Then my initial thought was why haven’t I worn these lately,  are they to tight, is there a whole some where?  Nope they looked great on the hanger.  I then put them to the test and dared to try them on.  Not to bad I said after checking them in several mirrors and different lighting.  Just to be safe I decided to have my better half check them that morning before I left for work.

Needless to say after several checks and the ok from my honey, out into the world I went.  Only to arrive at my dentist office 5 minutes later.  Upon my arrival I stepped out of the car and that’s when it hit me!  Literally the air hit me right on my ankles!!  I had ventured out into the world wearing HIGH WATERS!!!

I some how mustard the strength to face the world for 10 hours while continually pulling my pant legs down. Now I’ve learned at least 3 people need to ok my outfit before leaving home.  


MixNature Review

This may come as a shock but as an almost 40 year old woman I am just venturing into the world of makeup.  I guess I just got tried of seeing this almost 40 year old face in the mirror.  So like any good person where did I start, YouTube of course.

So after hours and hours of videos, I figured out a few things.   One thing for sure I know is that I have spent a lot of money!!  After many sleepless nights I have learned it all comes down to starting with a great base.

After watching a video that covered a custom product for your skin care needs,  I decided to head right over to  Once you arrive at the very bright and exciting site,  you start by selecting the body part you would like to create a custom product for.  I decided to started with face soap.  I know, I know you think I started with the oily skin base but I figured I would get out of my comfort zone and start with the mature base….lol.  After selecting your product and base then the fun begins.  Here is where you get to select 6 additional items based on your skin and your needs.

They have wonderful ingredients to add like dragons blood, clove leaf essential oil, aloe vera gel and many many more. Each add on is grouped by the wonderful effects they will have on your skin.  So I filled my cart with not only a completely customized face soap but I also created a custom eye cream.


After waiting only about 3-5 days I received a beautiful box with my name on it and all my custom creations.  I have to say I couldn’t wait and ran right to the sink to try out my new face soap and boy was I amazed.  Just after the first wash this almost 40 year old face looked and felt at least 34.  I continue to use both the face soap and eye cream daily.  The overall fill and glow of my skin has done nothing but improve.  So now that I have found a great product to help improve my base, bring on the make up and don’t worry I have bags and bags of make up to try.  Let me know if you have face products that you can’t live with out.

Can’t Sleep

Well I have tried just about everything to get to sleep the last few nights.  Nothing seems to work.  So I figured, hey if I can’t sleep I might as well get to work on the blog.  No really I’ve got to figure out what is keeping me awake.  Could it be that the world seems to be in some strange state of confusion?  Everyone is either really excited or extremely quite.  Could it be I have not started on my Christmas lists and I have less than 40 days?  Well if Jesus can figure it out in 40 days and 40 nights, I guess I can to.  Could it be that I am already having to plan my vacation days for next year?  Could it be that I haven’t shaved my legs in at least 3 weeks?

Well it looks like it’s going to be a long night.  If I figure out what is keeping me up I’ll be sure to do a full blog on How I Learned to Fall A Sleep At Night.

5 Things I learned about managing my plate

How do we juggle it all?  Some days I often say to myself, ok how do I get this all done.  I use to live by the motto when my plate was too full, I would just get another one.  Well that will only work until you run out of clean plates.  So now I have to figure out how to make time in my day to wash the dirty plates.

Here are 5 Things I learned about managing my plates.

1.  Stop!! Take a look at what is actually on your plate.  Sometimes I am able to quickly recognize what is on my plate and decide exactly what to do with it.  Other times the task are completely unrecognizable.

2.  Clean the plate you are using first before you just grab another- This will help you keep track of all the task you have in front of you.  If you just keep grabbing plates you will end up with a sink of dirty dishes.  Or should I say a million task that have become so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start.

3.  Don’t be afraid to clean the plate off if you need.  Taking the time to look at what you have on your plate will help you decide if it’s actually task that would best be handled by you.  It may need to be added to your plate later or even better there maybe someone else who has just the plate needed to handle that task.

4.  Sometimes you just have to throw the whole plate away.  The time it takes to figure out what is actually going on may not even be worth your wild.  Life is to short to not a break a few plates sometimes.  Not to mention the joy that comes with throwing the old ones away.  Sometimes I just need to see things in a million pieces to have a clear picture on how to put them back together.

5.  It may be easier to just get brand new pretty plates. There is nothing like a little retail therapy to help you gain your perspective.  If your plate is full, buy a new one, if the plate is dirty, buy a new one, if the plate is broke, buy a new one.

Here We Go!!!

Today I am starting a new and exciting journey!!  I am so excited to have you all along for the ride!  Of course to protect the innocent, names and locations will be changed….LOL  I want to keep this random and talk about things that are important to me and so our topics will ever be changing.  The majority of my post will cover random and general lifestyle topics.