Sometimes you just need to take a breath… I sit back and reflect on 2016 a lot of things come to mind.  Many have left us and many more have joined this wonderful thing called life. Some of our worlds have been turned upside down and for others they are still not right side up. I know we all have a million and one things to juggle from day to day.  How do we get through it all?  Well friends this isn’t one of my normal blogs that might make you laugh, or provide tips and ticks.  

I feel it important to sometimes sit back and be reflective.  Everyday I rush from this to that and even when there is a moment of quite I am often searching my mind to find what can I do instead of just sitting here?  Well today I have decided to just sit here for a change.  I’m not going to check my watch, dig for open spots on my calendars and think of things to fill them with.

We’ve often heard of coming from a place of YES!!!!  Well, I am all over it!  I’m going to come from a place of YES every time I decide to say YES or NO.  I don’t have to pick just one side and never cross the imaginary line.  Why do we continue to fight this battle everyday with ourselves?

There are several influences that are at play, the way we were raised, our perceived perceptions, internal and external pressures and of course life experiences.  What if we all decided to just give ourselves a break.  Think about it, if we sat down and gave ourselves a little credit for all that we  accomplish we may not feel so much pressure.  Instead we often focus on the things that we didn’t get done or that we didn’t get done the way we wanted.  I’m giving myself a break folks.  As I head into 2017, I have realized we are pretty cool, trust me we all have our moments that we wish he could erase but for the most part we are killing it day to day people and we need to give ourselves credit!


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