Holiday Fun

Looking for something fun to do this holiday season.?.?  I’m sure you may have been on a lighted walking or car tour or even visited your local botanical gardens.  That might do for some of you or maybe you need a little more excitement.  If that’s case, please let me recommend Busch Gardens Christmas Town.  It is a wonderful holiday experience for the whole family.  Now to enjoy in the fun you will need to live on the east coast or be planning a trip to Florida or Virginia.


Let me tell you about all you can experience at Busch Gardens Christmas Town in Virginia.  Upon arriving at the park you can’t help but be swept away by the beautiful lights in the park.  I have to admit, seeing the lights made me scream with excitement just like I was a child again.  Just as each country has it’s own themes during the summer months, you get to see and taste how the holidays are celebrated in each country.  There are wonderful lights and beautiful music in each country.


I suggest starting your visit with a wonderful cup of hot chocolate.  You maybe saying, holiday lights, ok, music, ok, hot chocolate ok but what’s an amusement park without rides?  Have no fear!!!!  They have that too.  Several of the rides are open and ready for you to scream your heart out.  Not only are the rides open but there is something about riding roller coasters in the dark, under the moon light and holiday lights.

Some of you may not be excited about the idea of going out in the cold.  There is always the options to join one of the amazing shows or plan ahead to have dinner with Santa or Rudolph.  We decided to have dinner with Santa.  We arrived to reserved sitting and a full buffet with all the fixins.  As we sat down to eat we were greeted by Santa’s elves of course who invited us up to take pics with Ole’ Saint Nick.  After the photo opp, Mrs. Claus left to make us cookies while Santa read us a story.  Just as the story ended, Mrs Claus returned with cookies and desserts for everyone.  I was so excited I had to have another class of hot chocolate with my cookies.  Heres a tip give yourself enough time between the cookies and the roller coasters to ensure you don’t toss your cookies…LOL


So get out there, have fun and take the whole family.  There is plenty to see and do.  Have a nice meal, ride a few roller coasters, toss back a beer or enjoy some wine.  There will be something for everyone in your family to enjoy.  Now I just need someone to tell me what the fun is like at the Florida location.  If you decide to check it out and hear death curdling screams, it’s just me…LOL.  Just grab me another hot chocolate and enjoy the fun!!!



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