MaMa Monday

Hello MaMa…

It’s that time of the week again.  Where all the fun is coming to an end and we must prepare to head back to our weekly routine.  This is often my favorite and most dreaded day of the week.  I know, I know your attitude determines your altitude but come on, sometimes Monday’s just suck.

As a mother I have to some how wrangle everyone back in from the weekend and all the fun and relaxation.  Now I don’t know about you but in my house that is no easy task. One because I don’t want the fun to stop either but also know it’s important for my family to stay on a routine during the week or we may arrive on Friday missing a few people.  Between work, school, meals, pets and extra curricular activities.  I some times wonder how I make it through.

I’m not hear to complain because I know we all have our own stuff that makes day to day life a struggle sometimes.  Through hours and hours of reading I have tried to find tips to help me keep my family on track.  I have spent money on systems (which I can do a review on later), purchased books, asked other moms and still something is missing!!!!!!

Well Ladies let me see if I can help or at least make you laugh so you don’t cry through this motherhood journey.  Often we have the best intentions, plans and schedules but the thing that keeps messing us all up is……………….. LIFE!!!!!

See it’s not us at all.  Of course we have planned and scheduled down to the last second.

3 Tips for a Successful Week


  1. You have prepared the most beautiful Pinterest worthy lunches for your kids.  Or made sure their lunch accounts have been reloaded with money.  Maybe even a little extra for ice cream.
  2. You have checked the weather twice and planned the best Instagram/Facebook worth outfits for the week.
  3. Pick up and drop off, have been planned for all the practices and events for the week.

After all that has been done and you have bathed the kiddies and tucked them in for a restful slumber.  You also lay down with the hope that this week will be quick and gentle. Then without fail it happens again, you awaken after realizing you have hit snooze at least three times.  You jump out of bed to see if it’s really Monday…yes it’s Monday!!!!  No one else in your house seems to have heard their alarms either.  There goes your plan to prepare a nice healthy breakfast for the family.  Also your face will be beat, not due to your perfect makeup application but the fact that you won’t have time to put a lick of make up on. Scratch the homemade breakfast and makeup, let’s just hope you can get everyone where they need to be on time.  What do you do next, what every self respecting mother does.  Start running around rushing everyone to get it together.  Grab a couple of breakfast bars, slap at least some concealer on your face and prepare to face the world.

Maybe your week isn’t like this at all.  Perhaps you awake on time to prepare breakfast, get dressed and apply your make up all before your family rises.  If that’s the case then congrats to you and keep up the good work.  If your week starts like mine does, then that’s ok too.  Why?  Because either way it’s not our fault.  As a mother I have done my part to prepare, plan and schedule accordingly.  Now it’s up to life to get it’s act together!!!  I mean really aren’t your tired of life getting in the way and throwing a wrench in everything.?.?.?.?  I know I am!!!!

For all the MaMa’s out there who are tired of having their plans and schedules ruined by life here is the plan..

Life Getting In The Way.?.?.?

  1. As I was once told, plans are like writing in the sand on a windy day.  So just hold on because the wind will turn in your favor soon.
  2.  Some of the best things happen when you throw caution and plans to the wind!!
  3.  Don’t be afraid to show life whose boss,  sometimes you just have to look fear dead in the eye and keep pushing forward.chess-pieces
  4. Scream for HELP!!!!!  Sometimes you just need someone to step in and help.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  We’ve often been told it takes a village, so get your village building on.
  5. Get over yourself, is it important that your kid eats or that the meal looks social media worthy?
  6. Try to find the joy in every moment.  Trust me I know it’s a tall order but we at least have to try.

MaMa’s let’s put on our Mom Jeans and show Life whose BOSS!!!!  Hope you have a wonderful week!!



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