Holiday Huddle Series – Final Edition

Family Tradition Friday

Now that we have Thanksgiving out of the way, let the Christmas fun begin.  Your family may or may not have traditions  that they share doing the holiday season.  Today I am going to share two that we love.

12 Days of Christmas – If you have family that lives out of town or you won’t get to see during the holiday’s this may help.  Find twelve simple gifts that you can mail directly to them.  Plan it so one gift arrives daily with the 12 days leading up to Christmas.  Here is a list of the twelve things I will be sending this year.  Socks, cookie mix, hot chocolate, candy, cakes or pies, hats, gloves, Christmas coffee mug, warm blanket, tin of popcorn, Christmas pajamas or board game.  Now I’m sure you are saying how am I suppose to get this to them.  There are two options.  First you could purchase boxes and package everything up and drop one of each day at the post office.  Second you can do what I do, take advantage of your Amazon Prime membership.  Each night I scour Amazon for goodies to be sent to my family add their address or have them shipped to an Amazon Locker near them.  It’s so great to hear from them each day when they receive their treat.  It gets to be more exciting when more family members get involved.  Remember it’s better to give than receive!!


Image Credit

Christmas Eve Package – This I reserve for the kids in the family but you can add the adults too if you like.  Many of us are blessed to spend Christmas Eve with our families.  During this time each kid gets a special package full of treats for that night.  Start buy finding a cute holiday box at your local craft store.  This yeholiday-boxar I found this amazing magnetic boxes at my local craft store.  Now for the good stuff.  I picked up matching pjs for all the kids, individual hot coco, small coffee mug, fun holiday themed toys, pop corn and holiday socks.  Each kid will also get a cool holiday craft to be completed with their siblings, cousins or friends. You can also throw in a holiday movie for them to watch while they eat popcorn and sip on hot coco.  If you have kids with allergies make sure you are checking your labels.  As most hot cocos may contain nuts, you can substitute chocolate milk.  Just make sure you keep it cold and place it in their box right before delivery.  Not sure what else can be placed in your box, select from any of your 12 Days of Christmas finds and save them all up to be used in the box. Now brace yourself, it’s going to get really hard now.  I know, I know, I usually try to share quick, easy and time saving tips.  Well once you have your box and have all your goodies.  Open the box place them in nicely and Violá!!!!! you are done.  It may look a little like this


I would love to hear some of the traditions you and your family share.  Remember in this holiday season to be nice to each other.  And hey Santa is watching!!!


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