Holiday Huddle Series

Wreaths The Easy Way Wednesday

Holiday Wreath in 5 Easy Steps

I know many of you have seen the many and beautiful holiday wreaths.  As we approach the  season of winter, we all want to make sure he have just the right wreath.  Now you can take the easy way out and just purchase a pre-made wreath or with these 5 quick steps you can create you own custom wreath.

  1.  Decide on your wreath style, burlap and garland seem to be very popular this year.   A very cute idea is the reindeer burlap wreath


Image Credit

  2. Go to your local arts and crafts store and purchase a plain burlap wreath with nothing           added.

3.  Go to your local dollar store and purchase a set of antlers and a pre-made holiday bow         and a red nose if you can find one.  Then rush home and stick the bow and nose in the           middle, throw the antlers on top and you are done.

4. Now if it’s the garland style you like, you can also purchase a plain garland wreath at              your local arts and crafts store.


5.  Now run out to your back yard grab a few pin cones, leaves or branches.  Spray them             any color you like and just hot glue them on.

Now I know I made that sound really easy but trust me it is.  The key is starting with a blank wreath from the craft store.  Then just have fun using things you find in your yard, left over arts and crafts or things you find in the clearance section at your favorite store.  The holidays are all about spending time with family.  So if you want to save a little time,  grab a blank wreath!!  Just remember if all else fails you can always purchase a wreath.



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