Holiday Huddle Series

Tree to Be Tuesday

It’s that time for some of us to start planning our holiday trees.  As for me if my family would let me, I would have a Christmas Tree up in every room.  But what do you do when you will be traveling for the holidays?  Now for those of you who put up an artificial tree you don’t have to worry quite as much.  First you try to convince yourself that you can still put up your tree up and it will be just fine while you are gone.  Then as you soundly sleep, you wake up to all the fears of burning your house down and some type of major damage while you are away from home.  Also who wants to come home from a nice holiday trip and still have to deal with taking the Christmas Tree down.

Ever since I was a child, we have always had live Christmas Trees in our home.  One year they decided to convince me that an artificial tree would be just as nice and they could even spray it to help bring that nostalgic smell of a live Christmas Tree.  Of course being the ever so clever child that I was.  I posed the following question to my family.  Wasn’t the cross that Jesus died on made of real wood?  Then why would we ever have a plastic tree, the cross wasn’t plastic….LOL  Don’t worry folks I have red-ornamentof course gotten the store of Christmas all straightened out now.  Please don’t get me wrong, I have seen some of the most beautiful artificial Christmas Trees but they just not for me.  So we will have to agree to disagree on that point.

Don’t panic if you plan on traveling this holiday season, I have a tip that you may find helpful.  A way for you to have your live Christmas Tree and still travel for the holidays with our worrying about fire or damage to your home.

So here is my plan for this holiday season.  I have already taken out my tree stand and all my other holiday decorations.  For this tip you will need a front porch to make it all happen.  Normally we have at least two Christmas Trees each year.  One in our family room by the fire place that we place all our gifts around.  The other tree is in our front foyer which allows me to fulfill all my Christmas Tree dreams!!!  In the foyer I can fit an 8″-12″ tree.  It is a great way to welcome our guest into our winter wonderland.  foyer-tree
We also use this tree to place any gifts for friends, family or others that will not be with us on Christmas morning.  There is no way I could travel away from home and not worry that my tree had fallen over or dried up and caused a spark.

Tree to be Tip:

If you have a front porch, let’s take the tree outside!!!  Not to mention the clean up will be a lot easier.  So this year me and my tree will be on the front porch.  Placing your tree outside will not only help with peace of mind but in some cases it will allow you to get a bigger tree than normal.   This year I’m planning for a 10″ tree on my front porch.  I will place a large bow at the top that goes all the way down to the bottom.  Not only will we have lights but we will also be using a sparkle light projector to light up the front of our entire house.  So this week after you are stuffed with turkey, head out to your favorite Christmas tree farm and find the biggest tree you can find.  Add a bow, a few lights and any decorations that you don’t mind being exposed to the elements.  If you are feeling really crafty, you could spray paint your tree white and add a top hat and scarf to make your very own snowman.  Have fun and get creative.  Let the whole neighborhood enjoy your Christmas Tree this year.



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