Holiday Huddle Series

Mistletoe Moment

Whether you plan to spend this holiday season alone or cuddled up with you bae, you must be prepared for that Mistletoe Moment.  We all hope to find ourselves swept away in a magical moment.  You may find yourself at the awkward holiday work party or visiting old friends.

Let’s just say you have put on your best pair of winter boots and find your self out celebrating the holiday’s.  Often there is one important bit of maintenance we all forget. To ensure we have our magical mistletoe moment……Lip Prep!!!  Yes ladies we have to have our lips soft and breath ready to be kissed under the mistletoe.

Lip Preplips-sweet-red-skin-53960

Here are a few tips to help ensure your lips are soft and kissable and your breath doesn’t send anyone running.

Often we spend  a lot of time and money buying beauty mask and eye pads.  We have face soap, special face brushes.  Some beauty-treatment-girlof us are even drinking special mixes to help keep our skin clean and glowing.  Lately I have seen lots of people ranting and raving about the latest beauty mask and how they will unclog every pore.  They promise to clean out all the impurities and leave you with baby soft skin.  As I look at all the advertisements and video reviews, something always stands out to me.  None of these mask ever address your lips.  Now I’m sure with my limited beauty knowledge there are probably a million and one products designed to address your lips.  Now some of you say well the mask don’t help with our eyes either.  You would be 100% right but go to any beauty, grocery or drug store and there a million eye pads, eye serums and eye creams.  Now maybe I’m not looking in the right place or I could have over looked it all together but do not see as many choices when it comes to lip.  But of course I have come across something that does wonders on my lips.

I recommend a simple little tube of MaryKay Satin Lips LipMask.  This $10 beauty will do wonders to help get your lips ready for that mistletoe moment.  First you start with clean dry limarykay-satinlipsps.  You then apply the mask and let it sit for a couple of minutes.  It will appear white and feel a little rough.  Removing the mask will also remove any dry or chapped skin from your lips.  I have to say the first time I was asked to try it, I was like these makeup people will try to sell you anything.  But after trying it I have to admit I was completely impressed with how smooth and soft my lips were.  Ever since that day I use this weekly to ensure I keep my lips nice and soft.  Anytime I feel like I am fighting with my lip liner or my lipstick just looks a mess.  I take 5 minutes to apply the lip mask.

After you have completed your lip mask, face mask and applied your eye pads.  It is time to line those lips and put on your favorite winter shade.  Now after you have spent time making sure your lips are ready you can’t forget about your breath.  As you pull each other close under the mistletoe nothing says run like a case of malo aliento!!!!!!  Yes folks bad breath will ruin the moment every time.  It might be best to carry a small bottle of mouth wash and one of the many mini teeth cleaning products.  If you suffer with frequent bad breath, try the old trick of scraping your tongue with the side of medal spoon.

Alright let’s wrap this huddle up.  Take a few of these tips and tricks to ensure when your moment arrives you are ready to be kissed under the mistletoe.  Until tomorrow enjoy and make every moment count.



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