Srsly!!!…High Water Alert

How many times have you reached into the back of your closet to find a pair of pants hiding?  Well that happened to me yesterday.  Trying to be proactive I decided to get my clothes out for work the night before.

I ventured into the jungle called my closet, turned on the light and started the hunt.  I am very predictable and always wear black bottoms.  In my hunt for just the right pair I saw a pair way in the back that looked untouched and forgotten.

So of course I reached back and pulled them out.  Then my initial thought was why haven’t I worn these lately,  are they to tight, is there a whole some where?  Nope they looked great on the hanger.  I then put them to the test and dared to try them on.  Not to bad I said after checking them in several mirrors and different lighting.  Just to be safe I decided to have my better half check them that morning before I left for work.

Needless to say after several checks and the ok from my honey, out into the world I went.  Only to arrive at my dentist office 5 minutes later.  Upon my arrival I stepped out of the car and that’s when it hit me!  Literally the air hit me right on my ankles!!  I had ventured out into the world wearing HIGH WATERS!!!

I some how mustard the strength to face the world for 10 hours while continually pulling my pant legs down. Now I’ve learned at least 3 people need to ok my outfit before leaving home.  


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