MixNature Review

This may come as a shock but as an almost 40 year old woman I am just venturing into the world of makeup.  I guess I just got tried of seeing this almost 40 year old face in the mirror.  So like any good person where did I start, YouTube of course.

So after hours and hours of videos, I figured out a few things.   One thing for sure I know is that I have spent a lot of money!!  After many sleepless nights I have learned it all comes down to starting with a great base.

After watching a video that covered a custom product for your skin care needs,  I decided to head right over to https://www.mixnature.com/en.  Once you arrive at the very bright and exciting site,  you start by selecting the body part you would like to create a custom product for.  I decided to started with face soap.  I know, I know you think I started with the oily skin base but I figured I would get out of my comfort zone and start with the mature base….lol.  After selecting your product and base then the fun begins.  Here is where you get to select 6 additional items based on your skin and your needs.

They have wonderful ingredients to add like dragons blood, clove leaf essential oil, aloe vera gel and many many more. Each add on is grouped by the wonderful effects they will have on your skin.  So I filled my cart with not only a completely customized face soap but I also created a custom eye cream.


After waiting only about 3-5 days I received a beautiful box with my name on it and all my custom creations.  I have to say I couldn’t wait and ran right to the sink to try out my new face soap and boy was I amazed.  Just after the first wash this almost 40 year old face looked and felt at least 34.  I continue to use both the face soap and eye cream daily.  The overall fill and glow of my skin has done nothing but improve.  So now that I have found a great product to help improve my base, bring on the make up and don’t worry I have bags and bags of make up to try.  Let me know if you have face products that you can’t live with out.


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