5 Things I learned about managing my plate

How do we juggle it all?  Some days I often say to myself, ok how do I get this all done.  I use to live by the motto when my plate was too full, I would just get another one.  Well that will only work until you run out of clean plates.  So now I have to figure out how to make time in my day to wash the dirty plates.

Here are 5 Things I learned about managing my plates.

1.  Stop!! Take a look at what is actually on your plate.  Sometimes I am able to quickly recognize what is on my plate and decide exactly what to do with it.  Other times the task are completely unrecognizable.

2.  Clean the plate you are using first before you just grab another- This will help you keep track of all the task you have in front of you.  If you just keep grabbing plates you will end up with a sink of dirty dishes.  Or should I say a million task that have become so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start.

3.  Don’t be afraid to clean the plate off if you need.  Taking the time to look at what you have on your plate will help you decide if it’s actually task that would best be handled by you.  It may need to be added to your plate later or even better there maybe someone else who has just the plate needed to handle that task.

4.  Sometimes you just have to throw the whole plate away.  The time it takes to figure out what is actually going on may not even be worth your wild.  Life is to short to not a break a few plates sometimes.  Not to mention the joy that comes with throwing the old ones away.  Sometimes I just need to see things in a million pieces to have a clear picture on how to put them back together.

5.  It may be easier to just get brand new pretty plates. There is nothing like a little retail therapy to help you gain your perspective.  If your plate is full, buy a new one, if the plate is dirty, buy a new one, if the plate is broke, buy a new one.


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